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Video Of First Sighting Of Lori Hyland's Work (2011)By Patrick Ogle

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This Is A Short Video Of My First Sighting Of Lori Hyland's Work

This is a short video of me first seeing the art of Lori Hyland and other artists in the Timothy Yarger Fine Art booth. Timothy Yarger are located in Beverly Hills, with an office in Bangkok. Yarger told me Hyland would be there the next day. That article, which will be extensive and in the Interview section here, will be from Hyland's perspective. This is mine. I have a strange attraction to art that looks almost like a different piece from different distances from the piece. I saw Lori Hyland's piece, Matrix Fragment, and ran over to it. My initial perspective on the piece dovetails with the artist's intent. These pieces are, in one sense, a way she relaxes. The painting is, not precisely, peaceful. the iridescent green makes the piece alive. It makes it almost breathe. It is the sea or an emerald forest or whatever gives you the peace it gives Hyland. Look for pieces by Hyland and the interview within the next two weeks in the Interview section.

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