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Lori Hyland shown by KM Fine Arts - Art Miami (2014)

2014 at by Patrick Ogle

KM Fine Arts (Chicago/Los Angeles) was one of the standout galleries at Art Miami 2013.

Since 2006 the gallery has specialized in postwar, early modernism and contemporary art. Specific areas the of expertise include Abstract Expressionism, Color Field painting and contemporary art. KM Fine Arts recently opened a new gallery in Los Angeles.

Many of the artists shown at Art Miami are contemporary including; painter Lori Hyland, sculptor Carole Feuerman, John Chamberlain, Alexander Yulish, Dana Louise Kirkpatrick, Julie Mehretu and Michael Goldberg. Goldberg passed away in 2007 but that is close to now so let's still call him contemporary.

The gallery also now has a program focused on emerging artists with an aim to help with their creative development and personal growth. The program includes studio visits, showing work in the galleries and other innovative projects.

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