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Haught Living - Lori Hyland - Native LA Artist is showcased in Miami (2011)

Native LA Artist is showcased in Miami

Between Dec. 1 - 5, 2010 more than 46,000 art enthusiasts, converged in Florida for Miami Art Week, the preeminent Winter Art Fair gathering for collectors, artists, galleries, and curators! Our featured artist, Lori Hyland, presented by Timothy Yarger Fine Art from Beverly Hills California, premiered a new collection of paintings at Art Miami; the regions longest running contemporary art fair.

100 vetted galleries from around the world, brought to this venerable location a remarkable cross section of the best of contemporary art.

As a creative spirit and talent her entire life, Lori has found the expression of nonrepresentational painting an essential aspect of her being. Rewarding her with great personal satisfaction, "..... Abstract painting provides for me intimate satisfaction, deep meaning and interpretation of life ....."

Many of her pieces are created using small gestures of color, reflected by energetic lyrical brush strokes; incorporated recently to interpret and convey her passion for Jazz and Blues, Cuba and Brazil, and artists from the 1920s.

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