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Fine Art Magazine - Posner Fine Art (2012)

September 17th, 2012 in Fine Art Magazine by Wendy Posner

Lori Hyland is an abstract painter who has lived her entire life in Los Angeles. She took her undergraduate degree at the University of Southern California and then attended Pratt Institute of Visuals Arts in New York. Additionally she studied with Koho Sensei in traditional Japanese Sumi-e and Tom Wudi. Lori's work has been shown in numerous galleries in Europe and the United States.

The creative process for Hyland is deeply intuitive. She has been fascinated and guided in painting by two important concepts; visual meaning and transformation with every canvas bringing new and unexpected relationships. In each painting, Lori uses the entire visible color spectrum with its vast palette as found in nature's deserts and gray skies.

Hyland may start out with a very particular vision or meaning but other forces carry her to an altogether different place. It is this element that draws her into abstract art rather than representational. Abstract painting offers Hyland individual meaning and endless fascination with the revelations that take place.

Much of her work is constructed by small grids of color placed closely together to retract colors. By themselves, they have little meaning, but placed in the whole reveal several levels of symbolism leading to a meaningful statement. Her work becomes a matter of discovery and investigation; creation as well as destruction through new forms taking place each moment.

When Lori first started painting, she was led in her work by spirituality, especially influenced by her travels to Gothic Cathedrals in France. Other influences include the environment and the earth. In recent years, her work has a new influence -- music.

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